We redraw any artwork from bitmaps to crisp vector. The main advantage of vector art is that it can be used at literally any size without quality loss.
We specialize in converting your source raster (bitmap/photograph) to vector artwork. You scan the image (JPG, JPEG, raster, bitmap etc.) and send it to us. Our specialized professionals convert the received JPEG image to a high quality vector file and return it back to you. Vector conversion is done by hand (mouse) and not through an automated process. This ensures that your logo is at the highest quality.


Digitizing is the process of converting artwork such as vector format artwork or scanned artwork (.jpg, .png, .bmp, tif,) into digital embroidery or also known as a .DST file. This can be done by the use of embroidery digitizing software and a skilled digitizing artist to interpret that particular design.
We also have an in-house digitizing team that has expertise in creating embroidery files for T-shirts, Caps, Aprons, Towels, Shirts etc. We possess the ability to convert any kind of artwork to an embroidery machine readable digitized format. We would be happy to get your digitized artwork done in any digitizing file formats.


The Art Support's visual proof /art approval bring out the uniqueness of each product and imprint method. Creating a virtual sample is not just about placing a logo on any product. Imprint rules, colour rules, location rules and final image quality are all to be considered before creating the perfect virtual sample.
We believe in adding value to your awards and promotional goods and hence have a talented team of designers who are capable of converting your thoughts to reality. We understand the uniqueness of each product and the imprint method. Our skilled artists take care to ensure that the final virtual sample generated is as close to the finished product within the limits of what technology allows.


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SEO Friendly: Indexable Content, Crawlable Link Structures, Targeted Keyword Usage and On-Page Optimization so your website performs better in search engine listings.
Secure: Free security tools that secure your site and make it up to 50 times faster.
Quick Turnaround: From the time we begin your website development project, you can expect the initial site to be complete within 1-2 weeks.